Are ‘Federal Rent Checks’ Legit or A Scam?

If you are one of those people who is always looking for ways to be able to make that money online, there is a high chance that you may have probably heard about or come across a service called federal rent checks.

The service promises to pay you in $1,000’s p/m from the government.

Update For 2020: It seems that the program got discontinued so unfortunately you probably missed out. That being said there are alternatives in the marketplace. A big thing for 2020 is technology, as these are paying the biggest returns and gainers it seems. Have a look at Spectrum Technology a new Trump initiative to win the 5G war.

In fact, right now there are many people who are trying to scour for online reviews of the product in the hope that they can join and benefit from it.

Hopefully my review will help you out, but if you’re looking for more details then check out’s Federal Rent Check review as it’s more in-depth than mine and helped me with putting together this one too.

While the program continues to interest a lot of people, here we will go deeper into what really are federal rent checks?

Is it a legit product or a scam?

Consequently, here is my review of the federal rent checks based on the information I have been able to gather from the website of Money Map Press. 

Who Is The Founder/Creator Of Federal Rent Checks?

The company behind this product is called Money Map Press. This is an investment company that serves the purpose of giving its subscribers financial advice.

According to the Money Map Press website, the company has a team of investment experts including D.R. Barton, Jr. The Money Map Press website and the sale pitch video available indicate that the Federal Rent Checks is a product of D.R. Barton, Jr.

He is also claimed to be a New York Times best-selling author and has been featured on talk television shows including Fox Business and CNBC.

The company’s team of investment experts is claimed to have a combined experience of over 250 years. The company therefore it seems has been around for quite a while.

It is important to note that reviews concerning the Money Map Press Company are generally mixed in nature according to the particular programs and plans that the company offers.

How Does The Federal Rent Checks Work?

There is some element of truth regarding how this service works as captured in the video. Some of your tax dollars often end up paying for the building and facility that the White House, Congress, CIA, NASA, DOJ, FDA, and other federal agencies use.

Furthermore, it is the citizens that at one time funded the construction costs of the buildings and facility. And it is also true that as a patriotic citizen you may have even once paid for the acquired land and continues to fund for their upkeep and maintenance.

The money doing all of that is claimed comes not only from our paycheck but also from Social Security checks.

Today, a law exists, the Public Law 92-313, which allows every single one of the federal agencies to pay rent for all the facilities that they own or use.

This cash finds its way into the Department of Treasury where the cash is being amassed in the FBF (Federal Buildings Fund).

It is estimated that by the end of this year, the cash will amount to around $11.1 billion.

The program designer claims that the government has partnered with some private agencies to own and oversee other 8,100 buildings.

The sales pitch video claims that the legally required rent payments are transferred directly from the Federal Buildings Fund to the private companies.

It is these private companies that in turn distribute to their shareholders these so hyped federal rent checks. To benefit from the scheme, it is claimed all you need is become a shareholder and over time you will be able to receive even more earnings.

Are The Federal Rent Checks A Scam?

First, it is important to understand that the process or the program is not in any way a government program as it is being claimed. Moreover, another fact worth pointing out is that the program has nothing to do with your social security at all.

What I can say about the Federal Rent Checks definitely is that it is based on an IRS directive that only a few Americans know about.

The product in itself seems to be not an outright scam since it does not exist and also through its newsletter, you can learn a lot from the experts.

I can authoritatively say that it is just a marketing gimmick that also happens to presents misleading information to the public.

One of the red flags raised by the program is that before you can start getting the money, you are required to first sign up for the newsletter of the Money Map Press website.

That will cost you from $39 to $79 and that depends on the particular subscription package that you choose. It is claimed that the newsletter will furnish you with a list of the rental properties you can buy shares in.
Secondly, no refunds are offered by the company.

So you are staring at a possible loss even before you can start using the actual product.

Also, it is also important to note that while testimonies of some people who are claiming to have benefitted from the product are provided on the website, it is not easy to verify their authenticity.

In conclusion, one potential benefit of the program is that you are almost guaranteed to be supplied with some valuable information in the form of a newsletter.

In terms of the disadvantages of the program, you are required to invest significant capital to be able to supposedly earn more, not a guarantee, and the newsletter subscription packages are costly.

Apart from this program, I would like to reiterate the fact that there are other various online ways through which you can make real money.

You just have to be on the lookout to avoid being scammed since there are also dubious programs out there.

2020 Verdict / Update – Of course whilst the information was legitimate last year it is no longer relevant as the scheme got discontinued anyhow. I am expecting it to be replaced at some point.

In the mean time check out other stocks and devices I recommended. There are many stocks that are going to go big in 2020 and mostly these are about technology so give everything a look.